Start Pellet DIN 51731/EN A2 LAVA (Stelmet)

LAVA is the highest quality pellet manufactured from the fresh sawdust of corniferous wood. The sawdust is the side product of our garden architecture manufacturing plant, where fresh corniferous wood is transformed to fences, pergolas, etc. Thanks to the use of only fresh wood, the sawdust is free of pollutants, such as lacquer, dust, plastics, etc. The base material is under constant supervision of our production engineers and external quality auditors from certification institutions (Fresenius Institute in Berlin). Corniferous sawdust is rich in natural adhesives (lignin) and our production process does not require any improving agents, has highest technical parameters and light colour.

Pellet is produced in fully automated production line with the annual capacity of 140.000 tons. In the last year we have replaced the drum dryer using 400 Celsius temperature with the modern belt dryer where drying process is performed only in 100 Celsius. In the result the pellet quality increased, by eliminating the possibility of overheating base material and polluting it with fumes or soot. The lignin which binds the pellet is not burned what improves the granulation and hardening of pellet.

LAVA is an environment friendly fuel - the CO2 emission during burning is equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by the tree during its growth. This means that our pellet does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Constant supervision ensure high product quality confirmed by certificate DIN 51731 No. 5H128 issued by CERTCO.

Other parameters of our pellet include:

  • very good calorific value (>5 kWh/kg or >18 Mj/kg),
  • very low ash contents  (<0,5% so less than 5kg of ash remaining after burning 1000 kg of pellet) 
  • very low contents of sulhur dioxide and other dangerous components in fumes

Lava is offered 6mm or 8m granules in the following packaging:

  • 15 kg bags,
  • 1 ton - big bag.

Pellet should be moisture-protected during the transport and storage. Use only after unpacking in devices designed to burn pellet.

The images below show the packaging and storage of pellet. Each bag is stored on the pallet covered by thick plastic foil protecting it from rain.




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